Thursday, August 7, 2008

Yesterday Nick and I celebrated an amazing year of dating. We were pretty lucky to both be able to get the day off. We went out to dinner at a nice place in downtown Grand Forks and we both decided we are both way too immature to eat at fancy places. I think we're too immature for a lot though, to be honest, which is part of the reason why we have so much fun together. We went to Sander's and got steaks. Nick's was so incredibly rare though, he poked it with his fork and it bled. Both of us hate sending food back, but there was definitely no way he'd eat it. Or that I'd let him eat it, for that matter. It was that pink. After he asked the waiter if it could be cooked just a little longer, he joked that he should have said he needed a new steak because he poked it and it mooed at him. That was basically what we were like all night. It also didn't help that we couldn't pronounce half the things on the menu, and if we could we probably didn't know what they were anyway, so it didn't matter.

Nick also got me these sweet roses!!!