Saturday, October 31, 2009


On Thursday, Will and I finally got around to carving pumpkins. I carved the faces out of the big one, and he carved a cat face in one of the small ones...the other small one, as you can see, is in the mouth of the big one. It was pretty sweet.

On Friday, I did Kim's hair for our Halloween party at school - it was definitely the coolest hair there:

We washed it, blew it dry upside down with a ton of gel, back combed it, bobby pinned it, straightened it and hair sprayed the heck out of it and this is what we got. Now you'd think at a beauty school they would have prizes for things such as "Best Hair" but no, there were only dumb ones like most creative and scariest. It's really too bad, because she would have won hands down. It's missing a little bit, after I took that picture we sprayed bright pink hairspray onto the tips, which made it look even better. Definitely the most amusing hairstyle I've done so far on someone, and also probably the worst to take out that night...

Tuesday, October 27, 2009


Will and I went to our ward Halloween party this evening, which was a lot of fun. We both gave talks on Sunday, so a lot more people are starting to recognize us. It was weird to hear when they announced that "Sister Castrey will be speaking" and then "And her husband", I still go "Huh?" every so often. ;) There are a lot of really great people in our ward, it's hard to get to know so many people at once...we're working on it though. For the party, there were hot dogs and a few other things to eat, a couple of activities for the primary kids, then there was a trunk-or-treat. There was also a doughnut eating contest, but the doughnuts were hung from a volleyball net and you had to eat it without using your hands at all. Will had to try when it was the Elder's Quorum and Relief Society's turn, and of course, he won. All the fat guys thought he had no chance.

People thought we weren't dressing up at all, because we weren't dressed up inside. However, we had the perfect idea for the cold weather (it was about 30), and it would have been a little warm inside. It worked perfectly and we got a lot of compliments. I think people were jealous because we were quite warm and comfortable. Yes...we dressed as Eskimos, ice fishing. It was awesome. :)

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Mrs. Castrey

It has been quite a long time since I've updated, so I'll have to condense this just a little bit. Will and I were sealed in the Draper, UT temple on October 8th. I absolutely love being married!! Things are still a little bit crazy right now, with writing thank you notes and getting my name changed, which is partly why I haven't updated.

We live in a two-bedroom duplex just a few blocks from my school. It's nice - I love the kitchen, and we even have a washer and dryer, which is very handy. Someday I'll get around to taking some pictures and post them, for now I don't think I have the energy to do that. :P I'm going to school for 9 hours every day, which probably isn't quite as bad as it sounds but it sure eats away my energy, even when I just sit there and wish that clients would come in. I have about 840 or so hours left out of 2000. So I'm on the downhill now!! I've considered going to night school also to get extra hours, which would mean 14 hour days, but after calculating my graduation dates according to the hours I'd get, it's really not worth it. I would only graduate about a month and a half sooner...and never be home. I don't think that Will would like that very much, no matter how badly he wants to get out of Provo (which is pretty bad). Anyway, that is all for now. :)