Sunday, April 24, 2011


We had a great Easter weekend! On Friday was Rachel's (my sister in law) prom, so I did her hair for that. 5 people in the family graduated from BYU on Friday as well. On Saturday we had an Easter egg hunt, which was fun with Kaylee. It was chilly and raining, but she still had fun picking up the eggs. We have pictures, but I have to get them from my sister-in-law. (Yes, I'm kind of an idiot and forgot my camera)
That evening we had a little pre-wedding reception for Will's cousin Kelsey. Kaylee had so much fun crawling around!! She does love her freedom, that is for sure. She no longer likes to be held all the time. Will and I got to dance, which was great - we don't get to very often. Sometimes we try to at home but there is just not much room for it.

On Sunday, our choir song at church went great. I was a little worried about it because there were a couple of parts that I for some reason kept messing up on, but it turned out very well. Our choir director is awesome and she makes the best of a very small and limited choir!! Kaylee was not so happy during church, but that's normal now because I can't get her to nap and she gets VERY cranky by the end of the first hour. I'm going to have to find some way to get her to nap at church...or maybe just wait it out. I'm sure she'll grow out of it in a few months.

After church, we went to Will's parents' house for dinner. There was a lot of family visiting for BYU graduation, and it was definitely what you would call a "full house". It was fun, though, and the Kaylee loved all the excitement. She's starting to stand up on things and let go now, it's getting scary. Not too much longer till she's walking, I think. Her little cousin Tychus (he is 6 months old) is just about to start crawling, too. These babies are growing up so fast!!

After dinner we went to see Andy, Steph and Paul and have some strawberry pie. It was delicious! Kaylee loved licking the whipping cream beaters (thanks to Paul for that one). I am in trouble. This little girl needs to stop getting sugar.

I made Kaylee an Easter dress this year. I didn't have a pattern or anything to go off of really, but I think it turned out alright. 

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Paul's Birthday

Paul has had a hard semester (not because his classes are hard, but that he never sleeps, doesn't eat well and refuses to say no to anyone that asks for his help working on projects), so I made sure to do something good for his birthday. I made him ribs, mashed potatoes, onion rings, carrots and broccoli for dinner, and a "Creeper" birthday cake. If you don't know what a Creeper is, you have to play Minecraft and find out. Or you can just look at my cake and use your imagination.

He was making the Creeper face.

I do believe he enjoyed it!