Tuesday, December 29, 2009


Will and I had a great Christmas. His day off was Christmas Eve, so we opened presents from each other that morning. I attempted to make chocolate waffles with caramel syrup like my mom used to make sometimes, but...unfortunately my syrup didn't work out so well. I cooked it for about as long as they said, but it got rock hard. Then I tried to get the wooden spoon out, and it broke. Maybe next time!
We went over to Will's parents' house at around 6 for dinner, and opened our gifts that evening because Will had to work from 8-3:30 the next day. We both got some clothes, Will got a soldering iron and I got a necklace with scissors on it (that one made me laugh, I can't help but wonder where you would find one of those), some dishes and a few other things, but the most exciting thing we got...was Will's Wii back, and the Wii Fit!! It gets very good use around here. I'll say now that the Wii Fit is one video game (if you can call it that?) that I don't mind at all if Will plays a lot, hahah!! On Christmas morning, we all woke up at 6 and got our stockings, ate a small breakfast and then everyone else opened the rest of their presents. Will left at 7:20 and called at 8:40 - they let him go home early because no one was calling in! So that was a VERY nice surprise.
For Will, I did a "12 Days of Christmas" thing for him, starting on the 14th and ending on Christmas. I wrote 12 poems to go with each day, explaining the gifts. I had a hard time deciding whether to post this or not because it's awfully goofy, but maybe someone will enjoy it...

I tried to catch that partridge bird,
But higher and higher she flew.
Then I found this handy tool,
Hope it works to get her down for you! (Bouncy ball)

I looked up and down at every store,
I couldn't find them, such a chore.
Turtledoves are so small and rare
That I had to improvise, I hope you don't care. (Turtles and Dove chocolates)

Flying to France took quite a while,
To find those French hens, just to see you smile.
But when I got home I was starving, it's true,
I can only hope that you're hungry too. (Chicken pot pie)

The four calling birds flew to my window,
They were quick and soon had to go
But they sang to me these songs just for you
Flew away and they were gone (Christmas CD)

The cost of gold rises every day,
Not to mention so many other things we must pay.
And what would you do with those pointless things?
So instead I got you these delicious rings. (Donuts)

The geese-a-laying already flew south,
But left a gift for you - or rather, your mouth.
These are quite unique as you can see,
Chocolate eggs for you and me! (Melted white chocolate with an M&M in the middle)

The swans are swimming and having such fun,
But soon winter comes and they have to be done.
Their feet get so cold, they can't swim in a storm,
So here are some socks, to at least keep your feet warm. (Socks)

I found the eight maids-a-milking in Belgium,
But they were too busy, and couldn't come.
They gave me this as in despair I wiped my brow,
I guess they must have been milking brown cows? (Hot chocolate mix)

You'd love to go dancing and learn from 9 ladies,
And take out your wife in the new Mercedes.
But working all day, now you feel like a mess,
Here's something to wear so you look your best. (Tie)

I discovered the lords the other day,
Leaping and bouncing and hopping away.
When all of a sudden, I had a thought,
They leaped to the stars, and for you, this they brought. (Starbursts)

I called 411 to ask, really I pled,
To book the 11 pipers for piping.
They heard me wrong and sent instead,
To my dismay, 11 rolls for wiping. (11 rolls of toilet paper)

I found the drummers drumming booked 12 years in advance,
Begging and pleading didn't earn me a glance.
But as they drove off, they threw this my way,
And I filled it with things for you on this the twelfth day. (Small drum filled with kisses, hugs and 50 reasons why I love him)

Monday, December 14, 2009

Piano, Lights, School

Will's parents just moved here to Provo a couple of weeks ago, and had a lot of things that they didn't want, need or have room for, including a beautiful old upright piano. Two of the other daughters really wanted it, as they both play the piano very well...however, I came out lucky because Will and I were the only ones that had enough room for it. I'm so excited to have a piano again!!!

Last Wednesday, Will and I made a trip up to Salt Lake City to see the Christmas lights on temple square, as a celebration for our two-month anniversary. It was pretty funny, as on that day we'd been married as long as we were engaged and as long as we knew each other before we got engaged. It was cold (around 0), but it was a lot of fun to walk around and see all the lights. Some of the trees there are just incredible and have thousands of lights.

Things at school are going well, I'm making a TON more tips now that I'm a senior, mainly because we actually get clients!! I usually have one or two a day instead of maybe two a week. I'm really excited for my break though (the 23rd - 4th). Someone actually just bought the school and things are going to change very dramatically. It is going to be Aveda Institute, Provo, instead of Dallas Roberts. I think it will be a good change, but it's going to be hard to adjust to, especially for some of the girls there that always do whatever they want and get their way. For example, a lot of the girls don't come on Saturdays. When Aveda comes, if you miss a Saturday you pay $500, and you can miss a maximum of 2 for being sick or whatever. Like I said, I think it will be a good change, but the more I hear about Aveda the more glad I am that I only have 3 months left!! I feel bad for the guy that just sold it, our owner, because everyone gives him SUCH a hard time about everything, and says "He just doesn't care" behind his back when they're not happy with the school. But he explained to us why he sold, he said it was because he wasn't able to give us what we deserved, after having 4 back surgeries he just didn't have the time and energy to keep up with it. So I think they need to lay off and give the poor guy a break. This picture is my nail that I entered into the Christmas nail contest. I doubt it'll win (not to be pessimistic, but I never win anything, hahah), but it was fun.

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Christmas and Kitty

  A couple of weeks ago, Will and I decided that we needed an animal - perhaps not needed, necessarily, but...really wanted. So we decided the cheapest, least needy animal would be a kitten. So the Saturday before last we finally found a pet store that actually sold pets (it's incredible around here, everyone has fish and lizards, maybe a hamster if it's a really big store, and nothing else), and bought Jasmine. She's about 2 months old and a little terror, but she's fun and according to Will I've been in a much better mood ever since we got her. Maybe we did need her after all. :P We also got our Christmas tree the other day, and she helped us set it up. Or rather, climbed up it and jumped out the side a couple of times.