Tuesday, November 23, 2010

A Day in the Life of Kaylee

Mommy doesn't know why I'm always crabby when I wake up in the morning. Well, this is what I see when I wake up, plus I'm covered in drool, my diaper is wet, and I'm STARVING. After all, I did just sleep for 9 hours straight. You'd be hungry too.

Mommy feeds me with a bottle now. She tried to get me to nurse for about 9 weeks, but I just didn't like it and told her by being as much of a pain as possible. It was awful! I never got enough, or I got too much, or Mommy would yell "ouch!!" and I didn't know why...it scared me.

Mommy says it's playtime now. In other words, it's "Mommy is going to leave you here while she goes and does something else." time. I don't understand this at ALL. Why wouldn't she want to play WITH me??

I just don't know what to do with all these funny looking toys. Sometimes they make funny noises, but I haven't quite figured out what makes them do that. I do like to hit them, and it happens a lot then.

 And now Mommy is attached to this weird machine again. She does this so much, and I can't figure out what it's for. She started it when she decided to stop trying to get me to nurse so much.

I hate it when she uses that machine. I usually cry. She came to get me so I could be right next to her, but it didn't help...I still cried.
Well, I guess it's not all THAT bad. At least she can talk to me and play with me.

 It's kind of fun. I guess.

Now it's tummy time! I like tummy time, I'm getting strong. I didn't like it as much when I was little, my neck got so tired.

I'm getting kind of tired though. Mommy says it's about time for a nap.

Note for all babies: Don't go to sleep too easily for naps. If you do, your mommy will try to put you down while you're sleeping. NEVER LET THAT HAPPEN!!! She'll never rock you to sleep again.

I finally succumbed. It took a while though.

Augh! I knew it. Mommy tried to put me down even though I fought sleep for a LONG time. She just won't learn!! You have to train those mommies. Fight harder, and then when you do fall asleep, they're so scared to move that they won't put you down.

And I'm back in Mommy's arms. She says maybe we'll try again tomorrow. DON'T GIVE IN!!! Mommies are very capable of learning.

Mommy decided to do a photo shoot with me today. She took way too many pictures. I didn't cry, but there was no way I would smile. That only leads to more pictures.

I'm helping Mommy cook dinner now. It smells funny.

While we wait for dinner to cook, Mommy plays the piano. I'm helping.

Then it's my turn.

Daddy's home!!! I usually cry at dinner time so someone holds me.

After dinner, it's time for a bath. I like baths. I get to splash Mommy and Daddy. I do hate getting OUT of the bath though.

 When my bath is done, I cuddle with Mommy and get a bottle. Then she tries to put me down for the night. I'm having trouble going to sleep tonight.

 It's going to be a long night for Mommy and Daddy. I'm starting some vigorous sleep training with them. My plan is to be very difficult to get to sleep, then as soon as they put me down, cry. Repeat until they bring me into their bed. It's going to be a long, hard process, but they'll learn eventually.