Saturday, January 31, 2009


Yes, I bought a card reader. :)

I was trying to pack, I promise...


This is the outside view of my new home

Our living room

Dining room

And kitchen

My bedroom

This is Liz...she gets excited. About everything.

Happy Valley

Well, I'm pretty much all settled into my new home now. It's so weird. Everything from the mountains to the grocery stores being a short walk away and the fact that my ward is made up of two of the 13 buildings in my apartment complex, and I live with five other girls my age...yep, it's different. Not to mention that it's January and I can go outside without a coat. It's just weird. But I have to say that I really don't miss the -20 temperatures, and it is so pretty here. I have a nice 15 minute walk to school, and half of it is along a bike path next to a little river. The other half is down a street that looks a little ghetto, but that's only because it's the back side of a strip mall and those are always a little creepy looking.

I would upload pictures, but unfortunately I can't find my camera cord I'm out of luck till I can get a new cord or a card reader. But as soon as I can get one I'll have to upload some pictures for sure.

My roommates all seem cool...I think. We recently had a bit of drama about who was supposed to do the dishes, but it's all good now. Three of my roommates are engaged or planning on getting engaged very soon. I'm definitely in Utah now. :P The one that I share a room with is from California, and she picks on my accent and I pick on her for being a little California girl that never has to pay for anything, so we get along pretty well. Her name is Elizabeth Ainsley, but she said that her mom was thinking of calling her Rebecca Elizabeth. How weird is that?