Tuesday, June 29, 2010


That's all I can think about lately. No surprise there really though, right? Only a few more weeks to go. I'm still feeling just fine...very tired though. I was so proud of myself because I got up at 9 yesterday, but then by 1 I was so exhausted I had to take a 2 1/2 hour nap. I doubt much will change when baby is born!! I'll be tired, but probably on a lot less sleep. Normally 7 hours is perfect for me, right now I swear I need like 10 to have any energy. Other than being tired though, I'm doing really well!! Will and I take walks every evening and I think that helps a lot, just the feeling good in general. My midwife says I'm a "model first-time mom", so that's good. I try to eat really well, but it's hard with a husband that keeps trying to spoil me by buying chocolate and ice cream for me...then doesn't understand how I can get mad at him. Poor Will. Pregnant women are just impossible.

I was so sad last Thanksgiving, someone stepped on my tripod (folded up in a bag) when family came over for dinner and broke it. It was still usable, kind of. If you balanced it just right. And the ground was perfectly flat. And someone was holding it up (just kidding). Anyway, it was a pain. So Will surprised me and bought me a new one a couple of weeks ago! We went to Bridal Veil Falls and took a couple of pictures, just for the fun of it. This picture is my favorite. We'd always pass that bench when we took walks there and wonder just exactly how that happened...

So we're officially moving! We don't have a date, because the housing place needed to get it cleaned first and they didn't know when that would be - they said around the first of July. So it should be any day now. I want to move SO bad. Not so much because I don't like it here, but because I really want to start getting things ready for the baby...and I can't really do anything right now. Not that there's much to do, I think we have everything we need now, we just need to get it cleaned and set up. But still...in two weeks I'll be full-term and this baby could come any time. I'm not really expecting it till after my due date or I'll probably just go crazy, but you never know. Anyway, we've started packing some things up and planning how we're going to move all of our large furniture - two couches, two dressers, a queen-size bed, a piano, an entertainment center, two desks, a kitchen table and a recliner. The funny thing in my opinion is how many large items we have and the only things we actually paid for were the kitchen table and the recliner. Will is an expert at getting free things. It's nice sometimes, but really...? I always blame him for keeping everything, but then say things like "Well no I want to keep THAT because I wanted to use it for ______" so I should probably stop saying it's his fault we have so much stuff.
Our ward is very sad that we're leaving. There is another couple leaving this month, and with us combined, the ward is losing the organist, the choir pianist, the only two tenors in choir, a primary teacher, the Young Women's president, a Sunday school teacher and part of the Sunday school presidency. Ridiculous, yeah?

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Pinewood Derby

Our ward had a Pinewood Derby on Thursday - for everyone. Will, of course, was very excited to build a car, even though he was swamped with school - he had 4 finals the day before and is still working. But that did not discourage him. We went to his parents house and borrowed their tools because we don't have much in the way of anything to build cars. Then we went to Wal-Mart and got some fishing weights, which Will hammered down flat and put in the bottom of our hollowed out car...he attempted to paint it and then gave up and told me to do it. So I made it purple and sparkley. We tried to measure the weight before we went, but had no accurate way of doing it, so when we got there and realized it was .7 ounces over the limit, we had to try and dig out one of the weights - which we did, and after we pulled it out it was perfect, thank goodness. The equipment they had there was kind of ridiculous. No worrying about ties with that stuff...the first two cars were two thousandths of a second apart. 2.8775 and 2.8777 seconds.

We ended up in third place out of 26 so I guess we did pretty good! The first and second places were both cub scouts...go figure.

Friday, June 4, 2010

Anxious Kitty

 She must be excited for her vet visit tomorrow...she won't stay out of her carrier. Last time we took her to the vet (3 weeks ago) for some shots, I thought she would never go in there again on her own free will. But no, she still loves it. Guess she doesn't know what wonderful surgery she is getting tomorrow. She's in heat AGAIN (for the millionth time) and I'm VERY excited for tomorrow!!

UPDATE: 3 days after her spaying, she still likes to go into her carrier.