Saturday, August 20, 2011


Things you don't want to hear while redoing a house:

"Where's Kaylee?"

Employee at Lowes:
"Back for more?"
Our answer "Always"

Another employee at Lowes:
"You guys almost done?"
Our answer "Just getting started!"

"Ohh, THAT'S what that was hiding..."

*groan* "You guys have a LOT of problems. There is no WAY this is going to fit. Ahhhhh..." *groan* (For the record, with a bit of wood and creativity, it fit)

"Kaylee, NO! Don't eat that! Yucky!!!" (this is the most common one)

"Oh man, we're out of that again??"

"There's a huge hole in the brick..."

"Is that a cockroach or just dirt?"

(Note: I have heard all of these the last two weeks)


Malissa and Gershom said...

Oh my heck!! I LOVE this! You totally took the words out of my mouth. We have been living at lowes, our house is a mess and not so pleasant surprise after surprise! Well good luck I hope you guys are getting somewhere!

Janet in MN said...

You guys are doing a great job - that house is going to be fantastic when you are done!