Friday, July 8, 2011

4th of July...a little late

I've been meaning to post this for a few days now, but 1. I have been so busy this week and 2. it's really not that exciting, so...I took forever. But we had a fun 4th of July! It was a little spread out, though. On July 2nd, we watched fireworks from up high behind Will's parents' house and saw basically all the fireworks in the area at the same time (in Provo, a lot of the fireworks were on the 2nd because that's when they did the "Stadium of Fire" show). On the 4th, we went to see the Provo parade. Kaylee loved it. After that we went to a little barbecue, also at Will's parents' house. Then that night, Will and I watched part of the last Lord of the Rings movie (it was too long to watch the whole thing at once, because I'm a wimp and can't handle more than a couple of hours). Anyway, that was our Fourth of July.

Here is Kaylee in her dress that I made for her! She had a matching bow as well, but a little boy ripped it out of her hair at church and it got lost. She has a pretty funny expression, but it's the best one I have. I sure have a hard time getting smiles out of her for the camera. She sees it and immediately gets serious.


Phil said...

When someone points a camera at me, I think "Are you serious?"

Becky said... she got it from you!!!

MaShay & Jason said...

Hank didn't rip it out right?